Journal for Occupied Studies

The first issue of the Journal for Occupied Studies is out. From the journal’s credo:

The Journal for Occupied Studies is an independent contribution to the global Occupy movement, one which springs from the New School for Social Research in New York City but which fills its pages not only with student and faculty perspectives on Occupy Wall Street but with contributions from diverse individuals outside that university and indeed outside the USA. The JOS operates for the radicalisation of this struggle, at the place between past and future, theory and praxis. We hope the analyses and testimonies it offers valorize, prolong, and intensify this fight, which did not begin with the ‘American Fall’, and will not end with the decline of the call to ‘Occupy!’ specifically. The editors of JOS intend the term ‘occupied studies’ to piggyback upon the moment conjured by the word, or hash-tag, #occupy, whilst simultaneously raising the question of our continuing situation as occupied bodies, yet to wrest control of public space from the guardians of capital. Yes, documenting the thought/action of the ‘occupied’, it is hoped, foments the occupation(s) still to come.

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  1. I admire the work of the journal though I am a new learner of the knowledge that it shares. Community organizing, labor organizing, and the civil rights and anti-war movement from 1955 to the present is my background.

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