Left Forum on the Occupy Movement and Global Capitalism

Left Forum, the largest annual gathering of the left in North America, meets this March in New York under the theme “Occupy the System.” In preparation, the organizers of the Forum have interviewed Occupy movement participants and gathered voices of speakers at various occupations, including Naomi Klein, Frances Fox Piven, Marina Sitrin, Richard Wolff, David Harvey, and Sgt. Shamar Thomas. The interviews focus on the extent to which the Occupy movement can pose a threat to global capitalism and be a catalyst for radical social transformation. The Left Forum organizers write that

Upon finding everything from uncertainty to insight and skepticism as to what the term capitalism means, we wanted to convey the following point, which also reflects our own learning experience in doing these interviews: Everyone’s conception of capitalism is equally valid: no one has a lock on the best definition. At the same time, living in a country where mainstream cultural institutions demonize people’s attempts to feel dignity in exploring the meaning of capitalism as a system, it is equally important to find solidarity in developing a more unified, transformational understanding of capitalism.

The video footage is available here.

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  1. Mike Al-Amiry says:

    Capitalism has always meant that the 1% skimmed the cream whilst the 99% fed on the whey. Today’s Global Capitalism is a different creature, it voraciously gorges itself on everything, leaving little more than dregs for the masses to feed from. The demise of totalitarian communism has given rise to the exposure of the democratic systems that we once cherished as sham veils behind which the real creature was hidden from view. Global Capitalism is the antithesis to every democratic principle humanity can ever aspire to attain and the 99% must now raise their voices and shake their fists in a resounding protest against sending our children into serfdom.

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