Undergrad Perspective on OWS

At CampusTalkBlog, John McAuliff offers a college student’s perspective on Occupy. In the first of a series of posts, he writes:

I’m a student of leadership, a social science rooted deeply in psychology. As I try to uncover the inner fulfillment that joining the movement gives young people—high schoolers, college students, and post grads—I’ll try to paint a picture of the occupation’s youth phalanx.

Are they ambitious movers and shakers or dropouts with nothing to do?

Are they social entrepreneurs capitalizing on a popular idea or just looking for (a) place to live?

Are the young people leading the assemblies, running the committees, and making the calls, or are they playing second fiddle to older, more experienced protesters?

The answers to these questions are important not just for the future of the movement, but for the future of the generation. A generation that’s been called “unemployable.”  A generation that is supposedly less educated than their peers in thirteen other countries. Occupy America is their test: Can they organize and help save a system everyone agrees needs saving (from their parents, I might add) or will they give up and just become a part of it?

Read more from McAuliff here.

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