Tidal, a Journal of Theory and Strategy for the Occupy Movement

Just out: the inaugural issue of Tidal, a multidisciplinary journal of occupation theory and strategy, edited by a group of New York-based activists and scholars and introduced with an editorial statement here:

We believe we can’t have radical action without radical thought. Tidal offers theory and strategy as a means of empowering occupiers, whether actual or potential, to envision actions that ultimately trans- forms existing power structures.

In Tidal, theory means an assumption based on limited information or knowledge. Strategy means the art of devising or employing plans or stratagems towards a goal. Action means this. This moment; This struggle. many voices. history. and process. collectively, imagine.

The first issue features Judith Butler on precarity, embodiment, and the politics of public space:

When bodies gather as they do to express their indignation and to enact their plural existence in public space, they are also making broader demands. They are demanding to be recognized and to be valued; they are exercising a right to appear and to exercise freedom; they are calling for a livable life. These values are presupposed by particular demands, but they also demand a more fundamental restructuring of our socio-economic and political order.

and Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak on the General Strike:

General Strikes are always in a sense against “Wall Street,” more broadly described as capitalism. But, because revolu- tions have also been against bad regimes represented by single dictators or kings, our idea of “revolution” is confused with armed struggle, violence, and regime change. … In the Occupy movement, the spirit of the General Strike has come into its own and joined forces with the American tradition of civil disobedience: citizens against an unregulated capitalist state, not against an individual and a regime.

Also in the first issue, Conor Tomás Reed writes about occupying the university, Michael Premo writes about the promise of General Assemblies, Isham Christie and writes about the new forms of emancipatory politics emerging from the Occupy encampments, and much more. Read or download the full issue here.

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