Occupy the New School

Two days after the eviction of protestors from lower Manhattan’s Zuccotti Park, students took over a study center at the New School. While the school itself has condoned the occupation, the New School’s landlord has insisted the protestors be removed. Some of the New School students have created a blog to spread information on city-wide actions and also to analyze the movement through thinkers in the critical theory canon. From a short piece on Hegel:

The planning for this “action”, for logistical and pragmatically necessary reasons was, in its initial stages, kept as quiet as possible. For this reason it was frequently referred to as “the action” in correspondence and conversation. Now we have acted and the abstract concept is apparently no less determined. What does it mean to have engaged in or accomplished this “action”? The “action”, of course, is not accomplished, not terminated with the taking of space, but not for that reason, any less an action. In taking the space, in acting, we have created the condition for further instantiations of “action.” In creating a space for the further development of the movement we create space and opportunity for “action” previously lacking. The “action” is, in this way, a continuous development out of and beyond itself.

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